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Excellent Words

In Uncategorized on April 14, 2009 at 10:10 pm

In reading the blog post over at Dr. Blacks I was struck by the truth of these words:

I was reminded that the Christian life is essentially staurocentric (cross-centered), making the priorities, practices, and affections of Jesus our one and only guide. By being born again, Christians are by definition not what they used to be. Baptism, as the despised Anabaptists used to say, is a doorway into a Christian community that lives as an “alien” body in the larger social environment. This new community, this new Realm in which Jesus alone reigns, is relentlessness transdenominational. Its sole loyalty is to the Way of Christ and His kingdom. If the church is to remain credible in the years ahead it must take the Jesus paradigm more seriously than it has in the past. Ever since the church and the world were fused under Constantine this has become more difficult to do. Yet Jesus calls His followers to be radical. The Gospel frees us from our captivity to our political, economic, and cultural bondage. It liberates us from all the lesser loyalties we hold so dear. It frees us from the curse of merely “playing Christianity.”

How true this is, may we be about our Fathers business.