The Rabbit Room…

In Uncategorized on September 1, 2010 at 9:35 pm

I don’t consider myself to be the best writer in the world so when I read something that describes my thoughts exactly I am excited to bring it to you.  While reading one of my favorite blogs this morning I was excited to find that they are discussing the very issue at which this blog is aimed.  I like how Ron Block, one of the authors, puts it.  “The Christ of Commerce.”  See, it’s perfect.  I would like to encourage everyone who reads these simple words to head over here and read the article titled “Money, Part 1: Not the root of all evil” by Andrew Peterson and then read, “Money, A paranthetical insertion by George MacDonald” by Ron Block.  Yes, this is the same Ron Block of Allison Krauss and Union Station fame.

I hope you  enjoy these articles as much as I did.


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