Quiet Time

In My Walk on October 20, 2009 at 8:44 pm

While spending my daily time in the Scriptures this morning I came across this forgotten page tucked away between the pages of my Bible.  I had written this, or rather typed it a while back and it was certainly Divine Providence that brought it back to my attention today.  I have listed on this page the resolutions that I wish to live my life by.  I will share them with you here in hopes that they may be of some encouragement to you:

I am resolved in these areas:

1. To glorify God and enjoy Him forever

2. To love my wife as Christ loves His Church and put her well being before my own

3. To love my children (however many God blesses me with) and bring them up to love Christ and be like Him.  I am also resolved to actively help them discover their God given talents and abilities and encourage them to use them to advance Gods kingdom

4. To be a man who is certain in his affairs, whether business, church, state or country.  I am resolved to be a man with a broad focus in my life work, to not be contained by simply a “job” but rather be focused on God’s calling on my life and let all my ventures compliment this task

5. To be a learned man, knowledgeable in whatever I set my heart to do

6. To spend time daily in God’s work and apply its teachings and precepts to my life in all areas

7. To live a simple life not driven by what the world would deem successful, but rather be content with where God has placed me and find the enjoyment and pleasure that only He can offer

8. To leave an inheritance for my children and grandchildren

9. To take my thoughts captive for Christ and be pure in all I see, think and do

10. To be a man of discipline, committed to daily prayer and worship and diligence in whatever task I undertake



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