What is happening in our country…

In Politics on October 9, 2008 at 10:03 pm

I have been doing a little bit of thinking.  When did our government stop working for us?  What was the pivotal point in our nations history when our elected officials decided that they were going to put themselves and special interests in front of the will of the people?  Are we awake?  Do we see what is going on?  It’s almost as though I am awakening from a really scary dream.  Let me explain…

I am questioning my political party.  I am a registered Republican, you know, God’s Own Party and I have always voted Republican, save but one time, I voted for a local judge who is a Democrat.  I always simply believed that as a Christian I needed to be a Republican.  Well now, I’m not so sure.  When I read about my parties Presidential Candidate suggesting that the Fed needs to buy up all the bad loans and place that burden on the American Tax Payer, aka., you and me, and see that he voted for the Federal Bailout Plan it really makes me stop and think.  What has happened to the original intent in our country given to us by our Founders in our Constitution?  Is it really this hard?

I don’t think it has to be.

  1. I wouldn’t vote for Republicans only because of Sarah Palin. She will be big shame for the country in front of the whole world. I don’t know how those two mavericks will bring the economy back, I guess they will do whatever two great mavericks would do in this situation 🙂
    So far just entertaining myself with Saturday Night Life, but I’m stuck too.
    Being Republican is not easy for me now…

  2. dear drewpetrey,

    I feel for you my friend. It is painful to wake up and realise that your leaders, who while you always knew were surprisingly dumb for leaders, were actually giving it to you bigtime!!

    “When did our government stop working for us?” — I would suggest sometime shortly after the war of independence.

    drewpetrey, I think, when you ask about ‘this hard’ you have to at the same time ask yourself for whom? I would imagine that for a few banks, and for many of your politicos like Mr Paulson, there has been very little that has been ‘this hard’ at all. For you on the other hand, and millions of ordinary Americans it is going to very very hard in the near future.

    God bless you drewpetrey.

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